Diane Harper, 2017 Diane Harper (b. 1962, Palm Springs, CA) spent her childhood as a military nomad. She is the daughter of an Army forensic photographer and a French mother. A childhood spent in Europe surrounded by daily reminders of World War history, Cold War forces, folklore and fairy tales while living on military posts fostered her rich imagination and penchant for stories. Intrigued with novelty and driven toward experimentation, she works with a variety of materials including acrylics, collage, encaustic, printmaking, and pen and ink – often in combination. She is a workshop instructor in mixed media, art journaling, and pen and ink techniques. She lives in Little Rock with her husband Jim and her cat Camille Clawdel. Diane’s artworks are in private and corporate collections, and can be seen at Gallery 26 and South Main Creative in Little Rock, by contacting Robert Bean at RB Fine Art, and on her website www.dianeharperart.com.