I’m not content with what lies on the surface. A childhood spent in Europe surrounded by daily reminders of World War history, Cold War forces, folklore, and fairy tales while living on military posts fostered my rich imagination and penchant for stories. I work to reveal hidden elements, those little mysteries most often not obvious until after a work is completed. I’m intrigued with novelty and driven toward experimentation, so I work with a variety of materials including acrylics, collage, encaustic, printmaking, and pen and ink – often in combination.

My current work is the result of a process of mixing ink and water to form spontaneous ink pools or blots on paper. I follow with intuitive responses to shapes and color with pen outlines, ultimately coaxing and revealing the hidden content alive within the inkblots. With interest in evolving marks using a stream of consciousness process, I push the limits of perception, bypassing critical thinking and relying on intuition. The results are often surprising. My collection of ink works can be described as enigmatic, narrative, fantastical and whimsical, yet at times, also terrifying.